Understanding the emotional content of the therapeutic relationship

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Welcome to the official website of the Hellenic Society of Medical Psychology and Balint Groups that was created in 2012 originally under the name “Hellenic Balint Groups” in order to promote the theory and practice of Balint groups in Greece under the auspices of the British Balint Society that was responsible for the training and accreditation of the first accredited Balint group leaders, doctors and psychologists, in Greece.

The method of Balint groups took its name from the psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Michael Balint, who with his wife Enid Balint, social worker and psychoanalyst, created in the 1950s, in Great Britain, the first groups of general practitioners that were based on the discussion of cases from the clinical practice of their participants. Their aim was the improvement of the therapeutic relationship through its better understanding by the doctor and the more complete provision of care through a patient-centered approach.

The audience to which the groups are addressed is mainly doctors (now of all specialties and not just general practitioners from whom the groups started) but also involve other professional categories such as psychologists, nurses, midwives and social workers and generally professions in context of which a care-providing relationship can develop.

If you are a health or social care professional and are interested in the psychological aspects of your work and the relationship with your patients, don’t hesitate to contact us at 210 8016400 (Responsible for training Mrs Lida Bitrou) or by email at info@balintgroupgreece.com in order to find out more about Balint groups.

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