The history of Balint groups

The history of the groups

Balint groups and the Balint method were named after the Hungarian doctor and psychoanalyst, Michael Balint. Michael Balint, the son of a GP, is born in Budapest in 1896. He becomes a medical student at the age of 18 years, but his studies were interrupted by World War 1 when he joins the army. There he gets wounded and he returns to Budapest, where he resums his studies and obtains his doctorate in biochemistry in 1920.

Initially he wants to be a biochemist and works in biochemical laboratories in Berlin, but after hearing Ferenczi’s (1917) speaks about Freud at conferences and reading The Interpretation of Dreams he develops an increasing interest in psychoanalysis. He trains as a psychoanalyst, having as his trainer and mentor Sandor Ferenczi, a hugarian psychoanalyst and Freud’s student and works alongside as a psychoanalyst.

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