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Member Society of the International Balint Federation

Dear Members and Friends of the Hellenic Society of Medical Psychology and Balint Groups, We have the pleasure to announce that on May, 22, 2021 our Society became a member of the International Balint Federation sealing this way our collaborative relationships with the “Balintian” international community that date from the formation of our first Balint group in Greece in 2012. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the members who have honoured us with their participation all these... Read More →

Εκπαίδευση συντονιστών ομάδων Μπάλιντ για νοσοκομεία/μονάδες υγείας

Έχετε στο νοσοκομείο, την κλινική, τη μονάδα ή το κέντρο υγείας σας κάποιο μέλος του ιατρικού, του νοσηλευτικού ή του παραϊατρικού προσωπικού σας που θα τον ενδιέφερε να εκπαιδευτεί ως συντονιστής ομάδων Μπάλιντ για να διεξάγει ομάδες στον χώρο σας; Οι ομάδες Μπάλιντ σύμφωνα με μελέτες που έχουν πραγματοποιηθεί διεθνώς βελτιώνουν την επικοινωνία μεταξύ του επαγγελματία υγείας και του ασθενή και παράλληλα βοηθούν στην αποφυγή της επαγγελματικής εξουθένωσης. Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας στο [email protected] και στο 2108016400 (κα Λήδα Μπήτρου) για... Read More →

Dr. Mastrominas interview

Dr. Minas Mastrominas MD, PhD, obstetrician-gynecologist specialized in IVF and director of the assisted reproduction unit “Embryogenesis”, discusses with Lida Bitrou the psychological aspects of IVF and the doctor-patient relationship Let me begin our discussion by asking you which characteristics would you say should govern the relationship between the doctor and his patient. The doctor-patient relationship is generally characterized as a relationship of trust. If I could put a label on this relationship it would be “TRUST” in capital letters.... Read More →

Steve Crossman’s article presentation

Dr. Crossman’s article was published at the American Medical Association Journal of Ethics, on July 20121. At the opening of his interesting article, Steve Crossman calls the reader to reflect on a number of questions related to the various, sometimes contradictory, feelings arise when doctors are faced with certain “difficult” cases throughout their practice. ““INVESTING IN EACH OTHER – BALINT GROUPS AND THE DOCTOR – PATIENT RELATIONSHIP”. Steve Crossman, MD Dr. Crossman’s article was published at the American Medical Association... Read More →